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      Zhoushan Runda Electronics Co., a company specializing in the quartz crystal product design,manufacturing,sales enterprise,was established in April 2005,the northern part of the island of Zhoushan,Zhoushan Islands,located in the scenic New adjacent to Zhoushan comprehensive Free Trade Zone,the transportation is convenient.

      Xingang Development Zone Economic Development Zone in Zhoushan in 2007 purchased 21 acres of land, and in 2008 began construction of the plant,office buildings,a total of 7300 square meters,officially put into use in May 2010.At present,the company has static 10000 purification plant more than 1,000 square meters,also has more than 1,000 square meters of clean workshop.Production and management products covered by the quartz resonator,quartz clock oscillator series with annual sales of up to 120 million.


      The company's main production and testing equipment part introduction in Japan,the U.S.,Hong Kong,to meet the demand of high-precision production.The company in 2007 passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,production and services in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality management system requirements to control the quality of products and services has been recognized by our customers.To further improve product quality and production efficiency in 2011,the company invested heavily in automation transformation of the original equipment,fine-tuning and pressure seal to achieve linear automatic operation,the installation of a silver device frequency monitoring device,after the process to add automatically lead correction, automatic taping machine with image recognition provides full hardware and technical support,product quality improvement and quality control.In addition, the company has a number of years the quartz body component development,production, management experience of the technical staff,according to the needs of our customers to provide satisfactory products and speedy service.


      Companies adhering to the"rigorous,collaborative,innovative"spirit of enterprise,the sales of"customer first"philosophy,"proactive"attitude in the production,sales have maintained a good momentum of growth.Enterprises in the subsequent development will gradually establish and perfect convenient and smooth customer communication channels to gain a competitive advantage in quality,price,delivery,service.


      Good faith,pragmatic,mutually beneficial business principle,willing to seek common development together with new and old customers,welcome to call us Contact


      Service Hotline:0580 -2681771/2680108


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